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Eugeng is a professional and creative manufacturer of cosmetics machinery in Shanghai. We continously strive to enhance it is growing reputation within the cosmetics industry by meeting customer’s production needs, and will provide the latest and highest level technologies and information for optimum solution by be always being in advance of the need of the customer. Our main machines include lip gloss filling machine, mascara filling machine, nail polish filling machine, hot filling machine, lip balm filling machine, lipstick filling machine, swirl cream filling machine, cosmetic powder pressing machine, loose powder filling machine, baked powder making machine, lip gloss mascara labeling machine etc..



Eugeng International Trade Co., Ltd.

Our brand concept is "health, fashion, professional". Only the recognition of customers can reflect our value. We put the quality of products in the first place!

Baked powder production line
Firstly, mixing, 1 set 20L mixing tank; Mixing speed can be adjustable; Mixer scrapper easily take off and reassembly; CW time and CCW time is adjustable; Tank can 90degree open for discharge easily secondly,extrusion, 1 set 10L tank; Screw ...
2020 CBE in Shanghai booth number N4-H21
In 2020, we attend the CBE fair in Shanghai from July 8th-12th. We show our main products,such as rotary lip gloss filling machine,push type lip gloss mascara filling machine,compact powder pressing machine,horizontal labeling machine,cosmet...